Gout Home Remedies for Safe Relief

Gout Home RemediesPerhaps it’s because gout is already very common these days, but there are now a variety of gout home remedies that people can use to help them heal from their acute arthritis. Certainly, there are prescription medicines that guarantee relief and cure for those suffering from this problem.

However, there are those who are wary about ingesting chemically-based medication or who do not have enough money to pay for the host of medicines that need to be taken to fix the problem. That is why more people are turning to home remedies for gout, because these are cheap and safe ways to relieve them of the pain.

The simplest home remedy for gout is applying either warmth or cold to the area. This can be done by either by using heating or cooling compresses to relieve the afflicted area. One recommendation to alleviate the pain is actually to alternate the application of hot and cold compresses every 15 minutes to provide relief quickly.

You can also have a foot bath as one of the home remedies for gout in the foot if your ankles or toes are the areas afflicted. For best results, add either crushed ginger or Epsom salt to the warm water before immersing your foot in it for 30 minutes. Another one of the home remedies for gout in the foot is to massage the area gently. One of the recommended ways to do this is by pressing the area between the ball of your foot and the bottom of your big toe to stimulate the area.

Fruits are a good gout home remedy, primarily because these are rich in Vitamin C which hastens the elimination of uric acid deposits. Cherries and apples in particular are highly recommended to provide gout relief.

Another remedy is the use of charcoal poultice, which is beneficial because charcoal actually has the ability to draw out the toxins from your body. Take half a cup of charcoal powder and mix this with a few tablespoons of grounded flax seed. Mix these two to form a poultice which you will then apply to the affected area to experience gout relief.

Another paste you can make as one of your gout home remedies is to mix equal amounts of mustard powder and wheat powder with some water. Like the charcoal poultice, you need to apply this to the affected area, but this paste has to be left on overnight. You can also combine a teaspoon of pepper, a cup of vinegar, and some water to form a poultice to apply to the swollen region. Leave it on for two to three hours before washing it off.

These are just some solutions that you can use to treat your problem. Feel free to experiment with these gout home remedies to see which one works best for you. Or for the full list of effective natural remedies, read my gout remedy report review now.

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  1. kevin konui

    dear,sir/madam i am a chronic sufferer of gout i have tried every possible types of treatment of gout medicine & nothing seems to work,at the moment i am taking probenicid&colgout, i also have tophi on my right little toe which is open and trying to look for a poultice to heal it, your suggestion would be greatly appreciated

  2. elizabeth paskalides

    I always heard gout was caused by eating too much shellfish and never thought of it as arthritis. About 28 years ago, a man in town announced at the library that he was told to drink black cherry extract, he had immediately went to the health food store and started drinking way more than told. He cured the problem in three days and his doctor wanted to know how but he wouldn’t tell because he was mad at the doctor.
    Last year a man I met at the local nursery was under the watchful eyes of his co-workers who loved him. He was in hospital and his friends had thiught he was going to die. In ‘this day and age’ this poor man had been mis-diagnosed when in reality he had gout.
    In short your body is a chemical factory and you must watch what you eat. There may not be a simple cure but neither doctors or governments have all the answers. (I say goverment because I am upset what they allowed to happened with corn and beef in this country-USDA meet is banned in other countries because it is not good to consume – and I used to love beef. But I digress. . . )


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