Gout Remedies that Actually Work

Gout RemediesWhat people are essentially looking for in gout remedies are treatments that actually work. This comes as no surprise, given that gout is a painful ailment that can be debilitating to those who are suffering from it. The soreness might be so intense that it can prevent you from going through your regular activities, even those that do not require much moving around.

The problem with gout is that once you get afflicted with it, there is a high chance for it to come back. That is why it is necessary to treat it from the outset. For those afflicted with this form of acute arthritis, it does not matter if you resort to natural remedies for gout, or prescribed medication for acute arthritis. As long as the medications work, I am sure you will readily embrace it so as to keep yourself from feeling the excruciating pain again.

Remedies for gout can involve a number of treatments, depending on the doctor’s recommendation and your comfort level. If you have consulted with a medical professional, then chances are you have already been given prescription drugs to alleviate your symptoms and/or to prevent gout from recurring. This is the most common gout remedy that has been proven to work, as long as you follow the doctor’s instructions strictly and carefully. Prescription medicines for gout include pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and steroids.

You can also turn to homeopathic remedies for gout, either used separately or together with the prescription drugs. The best natural remedy for gout is to go through a lifestyle change. This includes making dietary changes. Avoid organ meats as well as food that are high in purine and fats. Other foods that you should lessen the intake of or outright avoid are seafood, oatmeal, commercially-available desserts, and coffee. Going through weight loss programs might also be necessary to prevent gout from recurring or worsening.

There are also herbal remedies for gout, such as supplements, that can improve your condition. You can also turn to folk remedies to try and see if this will relieve your acute arthritis. Examples of such gout cures are alfalfa, bilberry, castor oil packs, and cayenne pepper. These can either be ingested or applied on the afflicted area, depending on the medication that is used.

Certainly, there are no cures that work on everyone; it’s a matter of experimenting and testing to see which work best for you. Just make sure you try these gout remedies under the supervision of your doctor. Alternatively read my review of the gout remedy report – a selection of the most effective gout remedies you could use.

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  1. Renee Brown

    I am REALLLY needing receips for gout suffers. My husband is going crazy trying not to eat beef pork chicken just veggies. Please send me some good southern receipes I can fix for him.

    1. Richard Hood Post author

      Hi Renee,

      Thanks for stopping by. We have written up some articles on the topic.


      Because everyone has certain foods that trigger their gout, it is a good idea to see how your husband reacts to certain foods, and adjust your recipes accordingly. Also, it’s not just the eating that’s important, but the drinking too. Avoid acidic drinks like coffee, soda, alcohol. And drink lots of water.

      Alternatively you could try these Gout Friendly Recipes at http://www.food.com/cookbook.php?bookid=41535&ls=o. We have not tried any of them personally, but we suggest you pick and choose the ones that you think would be best for your husband – in terms of flavor and health.

      We hope that helps!



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