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Gout No Longer Just a ‘Disease of Kings’

king_henry_viii_goutGout is now on the rise with more than 8 million people suffering from it, a number which has doubled over the last 50 years. The disease is seemingly the major cause of inflammatory arthritis in men over the age of 40.

Gouty arthritis occurs as a result of abnormal metabolism of uric acid and its accumulation in tissues, blood and especially the joints. It is often an inherited disease that is aggravated by weight gain, obesity, abnormal kidney function, high blood pressure and certain medications.

This seemingly historical ailment was once considered a disease of the upper class and kings of the old era, but it has struck modern-day actors, artists, professional athletes and even young adults. The widely held myth is now shattered with increasing cases reported among men regardless of their social standing. For many people, gout has hindered their careers and ability to live life peacefully while others are working to create awareness about the disease.